In the Mid Atlantic, it’s common knowledge that the humid summers and cold and damp winters can cause damage to concrete surfaces. Due to the constant changes in weather, the ground beneath driveways, sidewalks, and foundations can shift, leading to uneven or cracked concrete slabs over time.

These changes to your concrete slabs can present safety issues, damage vehicle tires, and look unappealing. Ply Solutions specializes in using high-grade polyurethane foam to solve numerous homeowner headaches.

Our Residential solutions include:

Concrete Lifting and Leveling
Void Filling
Soil Stabilization
Exterior Foundation Wall Spray

If you’re considering whether to level and repair your concrete or replace it, we offer a quick, easy, and cost-effective solution. With our polyurethane foam process, we can raise, level, and repair your concrete in just a matter of minutes, saving you time and money. Compared to concrete replacement, our process is cost effective and much quicker. Once we’re done, your concrete will be ready for normal use almost immediately!

Traditional methods for correcting uneven concrete slabs typically involve:

Remove & ReplaceVery time consuming & expensiveReplacing Concrete can be costly, but raising your existing concrete with Polyurethane foam can save you over 50% and be completed in a fraction of the time.
MudjackingTime consuming & messyThe benefits of using Polyurethane over Mudjacking are clearly outlined below.
How does the process of raising concrete using Polyurethane foam work?
Most importantly, most jobs take about 1-2 hours to complete and upon completion your concrete will be ready to use right away.
  1. To even out your uneven concrete, our team strategically drills ⅝” injection holes, similar in size to a dime, around the sunken areas that need to be lifted.
  1. The equipment used for raising concrete is stored in either a truck or trailer, and comes with a hose that is long enough to reach most locations. The hose is extended to reach the area in need of repair. Once everything is prepared and the hose and materials are in place, polyurethane foam is injected through holes to fill the space underneath the concrete slab. The foam is driven into the crevices by the weight of the concrete slab, lifting it back to its original level. After leveling the concrete, the injection hole(s) are filled with new cement discreetly. This process involves drilling, pumping, and patching, and your concrete can be used immediately once the job is done.
The Process in 3 Simple Steps:

Ply will drill holes through the sunken portion of your concrete slab.

Ply will inject polyurethane concrete leveling foam material through the holes. As it is pumped under the slab, the polyurethane foam expands to fill all voids in the soil beneath the slab and raise the concrete to the desired height.

We’ll then patch the holes that were drilled with cement to finish the concrete leveling process and restore your concrete slab.


Ready For Your Next Project?

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